Against The Odds

Who here likes to hear a story of succeeding against all odds? Okay, now who here loves a story of a person who totally fucks up their life and brings it back better and stronger than anyone could have imagined? Now, were you rooting for that individual to win or lose that extraordinary battle? Hahaha, it doesn’t matter actually! Okay, well if you haven’t noticed, the majority of Hollywood movies that make waves in the box office are the ones that carry a great story line such as those of overcoming great adversity! It always makes for a good tale and catches the eye of a big audience! One movie I would really like to speak on is “Get Rich or Die Trying.” This stars 50 Cent and his life story! It is quite a phenomenal and inspiring biography! in the movie he goes to jail and developing the skill of rapping and songwriting! His thoughts entirely shifted from wanting to hang in the streets, and it went to wanting more for his life! This caused rifts in relationships he had as a gang member, but now he didn’t care about that! He knew he was about to manifest something great, and all distractions didn’t matter anymore! In the movie, he comes out of jail a different man and as a talented musician! He makes music and uses his frustration from his past life to tell his story in his lyrical content! He became quite good at his craft and word spread quick throughout Queens! Everyone he used to know was shocked of the major changes he had created for himself. Continue reading

Rappers Who Made It


There is the very negative image of what Hip-hop or Rapping is at its roots. It is a beautiful art form that lets individuals express themselves in many forms of poetry. In its early days, it was a small community of poets who would get together and story tell over a musical composition. No one could have guessed that it would be this big and this strong today, but it has shifted from its purity and beauty to something depicting women, money, and objects as the whole existence in life. Do not be simple enough to believe that’s all it has to offer. Anyways, many people to this date have amassed great success from pursuing this musical genre as a career. One in particular who took the world by storm by a man by the name of Curtis Jackson. He literally started from the worst possible conditions in his hometown of Queens, New York and now is one of the most mega success stories and influential men in the industry. He branched out to other business ventures of course to amass astounding levels of wealth, but it all started with his passion and love for music! Curtis in his younger days a was crime boss who had nothing on his mind but controlling every corner block of Queens to distribute his illegal drugs through his network he had created. He was a gang banger would only understand $$$ and violence. The two go together so well, so what did you expect. As he became bigger and wiser in his line of work, he realized that the result would be a jail cell permanently, or death by the very streets he was raised in.

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